Back in the old routine.

Niamh Hillard, Olivia Robinson and Charly Marshall in action at The Pingles last Sunday. They’re not remotely competitive !
This week’s newsletter sees us gradually getting back to something like normal.

We had a season’s opener T&F competition at The Pingles Stadium in Nuneaton at the weekend, with 17 members competing. John Peacock won his age group in the Bedford Autodrome Duathlon, while in the Tempo Events Spring Duathlon we had 5 members taking part.

The results of the Virtual English Schools Cross Country Championships saw 7 of our Junior XC squad do the club proud.

From a personal point of view it was great to be back at the track with the Senior members on Monday evening and the previous day it was the Welcombe Hills with our junior endurance group.

I know there is another Winter Series event at Illmington this weekend and it would be wonderful if someone competing could let me have a report for the newsletter.

Enjoy the weekend.

Best wishes

David Jones.
Taylor Stubbins on his way to a hugely impressive 4:17.12 in the 1500m. I believe he will be competing again this weekend. Good luck Taylor.
Dave Wilson looks like he’s got a bit left in the tank as he crosses the finish line.

Track and Field – Season Opener.

The Pingles Stadium – Nuneaton.

Sunday 11th April

Report – David Jones

The 17 club members who took part in the opening T&F event of the year at The Pingles Stadium in Nuneaton certainly hit the ground running ( or jumping Seb ! ) proving that their commitment to training over the winter months, in far from ideal circumstances, has certainly paid dividends.

10 of them achieved PBs, a couple of who were running the distances for the first time.

In the blue riband 1500m event, Olivia Robinson and Taylor Stubbins smashed their PBs. Olivia’s time of 5:02.21 was some 8 seconds quicker than her previous best time, achieved at the same venue in September. Taylor lowered his best performance by 10 seconds. His previous best time having been achieved last August. He completed the race in 4:17.12. These performances rank them 13th and 8th, respectively, in the UK rankings in their age groups, albeit early in the year.

The strength of our junior endurance runners over 1500m, was further illustrated by Maisie-Joy Spriggs’ first time effort at this distance, completed in a time of just 5:09.90, a time that places her in the top 20 in the UK for her age. There’s more to come from this talented athlete.

Other impressive performances from our female junior 1500m runners were Charlotte Marshall in a PB time of 5:10.22, Niamh Hillard (5:18.79) and Ellie Deaner (5:23.68). It’s wonderful to see Ellie back competing after a long period of injury and I’m sure we’ll see some great performances from her in her favoured triathlon events in the not too distant future.

Super talented Alex Adams ran 4:23.64. What a shame he couldn’t have run in the same heat as Taylor. I’m sure they would have really pushed each other. As it was, Alex ran in the fastest heat of the day and was the youngest member of that heat, which must have been a real challenge for him. The time places him 13th in the early season rankings and rest assured he will improve on this time later in the year.

5 of our juniors competed in the 800m. Sam Plumb, running this distance for the first time in an official race, won his heat in recording a superb time of 2:37.61 to place him 13th in the UK for his age. Caleb Spriggs ran a PB time of 2:04.57, knocking half a second off his previous best time to place him 8th in the current rankings. Caleb, whilst pleased with his run, had hoped to run 2:02. Maybe next time Caleb. Our other 800m runners were Masie-Joy Spriggs, who rounded off a superb day for the Spriggs siblings by running a time of 2:42.44, Annie Silvers ran 2:46.8 and Josh Harrison ran 2:48.12.

Our 300m runners both ran really quick times, with Maddie Linfoot lowering her PB time by almost 2 seconds in recording a time of 48.18 and Ellie Peeke ran her first official race at this distance in a time of 51.1.

In the 400m we were represented by Masters athlete Dave Wilson. Dave is primarily a sprinter so he was running outside of his comfort zone. This didn’t prevent him from recording a PB time of 63.28, to place him 3rd in the current UK rankings in his age category.

Our other Masters athlete competing on the day was Brian Gravelsons who ran in the 100m, recording a time of 14.43. Brian is currently struggling with a long term hip problem and will now ease-off running training and concentrate on cycling and rowing, while he hopefully sorts out his hip problem later in the year.

There was success for Brian’s son Harry in the 100m who ran a PB time of 12.61, an improvement on his previous best time of 12.86. Dave Wilson rounded off a good day at the office by recording a time of 13.24 in the 100m.

Finally, our only field athlete competing on the day was Seb Hillard who recorded a jump of 4.55 in the long jump. A good solid early season opener and there will be more to come from this talented multi-eventer.

All in all it was a fabulous day for all of our members who competed and they all proved once again that there is no substitute for putting in the hard miles training

Above and below John Peacock competing at the weekend in his Team GB kit.

Bedford Autodrome Duathlon

M65 masters athlete and club member John Peacock competed in the Bedford Autodrome Duathlon at the weekend, winning his age group and sporting his Team GB kit.

It was a World Championship qualifier. The World Championships are in Australia next year and John thinks he will probably give them a miss as he will be at the top of his age category and competing against mere youngsters of just 65!

However in 2023 the Championships will be in Ibiza, so they are firmly on his radar.

John commented “the 12 noon start meant the weather was quite kind although pretty windy on bike.

The time trial starts were just a few seconds apart so you were not too sure where you stood against your age group when racing.

I was originally given second place but the `winner` had missed out a lap on bike. My bike time was not what I was hoping for but I did very little during the winter so I think I can improve.”

The full results are shown on the link below

Virtual English Schools Cross Country Championships.

The English Schools Committee had to cancel the 2021 championships due to Covid restrictions

Instead, they promoted a Virtual English Schools Cross Country Championships. In brief, it required athletes to run a 2k course for Juniors or 5k course for Inters and Seniors, at a venue that preferably already had a measured course where possible.

Measured Park Run courses were ideal for this but were not essential. Consequently courses run by athletes could have been in parks, over school playing fields, in country fields, or perhaps on paved footpaths.

Runs were completed between 15th and 28th March 2021, so the weather would have been very variable.

To comply with Covid-19 restrictions, runs were done individually, not in groups and thus racing between athletes was not permitted, so effectively each run was a personal time-trial.

Athletes’ performances were verified by teachers or coaches and submitted online.

Because of the large number of variables between courses, distances, and weather, results published here can in no way been deemed to be definitively accurate and direct comparisons between athletes therefore cannot be made.

The event was held entirely for fun and to give athletes a chance to take part after having been cooped up inside for too long.

Results here list the top 10 individuals in each age group and a ‘team’ competition computed by sorting submitted results into time order, then adding the ‘positions’ of the first 6 in each County (or first 4 for Seniors).

The performances of our members who took part are as follows:

Junior Girls 2K – (Year 8 &9)

533 Runners

71 Maddie Linfoot 7.42
76 Niamh Hillard 7.44
83 Maisie-Joy Spriggs 7.47

Intermediate Boys 5k (Year 10 & 11)

216 runners

74 Theo Skirvin 19.06

Intermediate Girls

206 runners

26 Charly Marshall 19.46
33 Olivia Robinson 19.52
54 Ellie Deaner 20.46

A big thank you to Niamh Hillard for collating the results and, as ever, to Paul Hawkins for verifying some of the times. It’s clear that something like a hospital stay isn’t going to stop Paul from supporting his young charges.

Tempo Spring Duathlon
I would be well and truly outside of my comfort zone reporting on anything as complicated as a duathlon. If it doesn’t involve people just running round a track I really struggle. I’m aware that 5 of our members competed in this event at the weekend but in the absence of a report I’ve put a link to the full results below.

From a quick look at the results I see that we had Neil Wicks finishing in 8th place, Andy Cox 9th, Joe Lee 13th and not listed as SAC members, Karl Harris 46th and Emily Adams 47th.

Well done to all 5.

Back to the Old Normal
It’s wonderful to be able to show the photos below of Senior and Masters track sessions and T&F competition resuming.

Gently does it!
A group of our Masters athletes training at the track on Monday night. From left to right, newbie Luke Gardiner – welcome aboard Luke, Paula Williams, another newbie Liz Manzella – welcome to you also, Elaine Ledden, John Boxall, Simon Curran, Dave Wilson and taking the selfie, the shy and retiring Jane Withers!
A photo of Sarah Bland’s group back at the track on Monday.
Harrison Geden, Alfie Musk, Arran Cooper and Ewan Sparrow enjoying the Welcombe Hills on Sunday morning.
Above and below – Dave Parkin’s group posing and putting in the miles on Sunday morning.
Harrison, Arran and Rachel Sparrow on Sunday.
The Season T&F Opener

The Pingles Stadium – Sunday 11th April.

More photos from this Open Event
Siblings Maisie-Joy and Caleb Spriggs
Maddie Linfoot
Ellie Deaner
Alex Adams
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