The red carpet beckons.

A proud Andy Cox with his finisher’s medal.
Are you getting excited and looking forward to our Awards Presentation night on Saturday ?

I certainly am.

You will see below the final instructions for the night. If you are attending please be sure to read them.

Last weekend a couple of our senior members completed the New York Marathon. Many congratulations to Emma Davis and Andy Cox.

Last weekend also saw Rob and Karen Gisbourne compete in the Devon Trail Race. To say it sounded challenging would be something of an understatement. Allegedly they enjoyed it and Rob was understandably delighted that he not only enjoyed it but he won it. 

Many of our junior endurance group competed in the rain and mud last Saturday in a Warwickshire Schools AA XC fixture winning 6 of the 8 races. Superb.

This weekend is massive as far as the club is concerned. Not only do we have The Awards on Saturday but our ladies and men will be competing in the first of this season’s XC league fixtures at Cheltenham also on Saturday.  The men are going to have a bit of a rush to get back in time for The Awards. On Sunday it’s the 2nd of the junior’s XC league fixtures at Newbold Revel. 

Good luck to all of those competing.

Take care.

David Jones
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The Awards

Please see below the final instructions for Saturday’s Awards Presentation night.

We are now full to capacity for the evening and have no more seats.

You will also see that we will be running a raffle that will be drawn in the interval.

Please bring your donations for prizes along on the night and don’t forget to bring some cash.

Remember cash ?

 This year we are supporting Breast Cancer UK and for every £ that is raised on the Tombola, Lynne Sumners has persuaded Barclays Bank to match it.

The Verrazzano Bridge. NY.
New York Marathon

Report – Andy Cox

The day started with a 5:00AM bus journey from outside The New York Library to the start village on Staten Island. Along the way we headed over the first of the 5 bridges, the 4.2km long Verrazzano, giving an insight into the first long climb just after the start.

From Staten Island we headed into the first of the 5 boroughs, Brooklyn, for the long run into Queens and the half way point at Pulaski Bridge, crossing halfway in 1:29, I knew it wasn’t my day.

We then headed from Queens into Manhattan over the Queensboro Bridge, another long climb to mile 16, which just about finished me off. A much appreciated organised cheer point was round the corner giving me a greatly needed energy boost.

Running up 1st avenue and into another long climb, next up was the Bronx, cheered on by the bands as you turn onto Willis Avenue Bridge and back down into Manhattan over the Maddison Avenue Bridge into Harlem and down 5th Avenue, finally the end is near, not before another significant climb at mile 23. 

The final push heads into the undulating Central Park area, where the crowds were 5 deep and who dragged a tired runner home to finish in 3:18:20, achieving my 5th star, just Tokyo to go in March.

The NYC Marathon is considered the toughest of the big six, with the five bridge climbs and elevation gain of 810 feet. 

The Six Star Medal

Andy is trying to complete the six World Marathon Majors to earn his Six Star Medal


The Six Star Medal was introduced by the Abbott World Marathon Majors in 2016 to honour the runners who complete all six Major Marathons.


Upon completion of the sixth Major, Andy will be included in the Hall of Fame.

I seem to remember that a certain Emily Adams of this parish has previously completed this challenge.

Andy has so far completed in 5 of the 6 marathons:

New York (3;18.02)
Berlin (3:04) 
Chicago (2:58.29:
Boston (3:24.02)
London (2;52.25)

Just Tokyo to go!


Also running in New York was Emma Davis who recorded at time of 4:54.28. Well done Emma
Rob Gisbourne looking ever so proud on top of the podium. As well he might be.  Many congratulations Rob.
Karen Gisbourne actually looks like she’s enjoying herself.
Rob Gisbourne in maximum concentration mode on his way to a 1st place finish.
Devon Trail Race

We Came, We Ran and one of us conquered.

Report – Karen and Rob Gisbourne

Let’s go to Devon he says, let’s do a run while we are there he says, forget the Sidmouth 10k (flat), we should do the Devon Trail one (not so flat).

So we pack our gear and off we go to a
campsite 20 minutes from the run, only to be kept awake all night by torrential rain.

This could be interesting, but low and behold we crawl out of our warm cosy van on Sat morning to a lovely
sunny day .

Having done a couple of trail runs before I was quite looking forward to it. Note to self: not all trail runs are equal!!!!

So my report goes a bit like this – kiss hubby goodbye, wish him good luck and hope he isn’t waiting too long for me to finish.

The race starts and off I go round the grounds of Bicton College
and onto a moderately undulating road, so far so good. I then heard a voice behind me stating the first few miles were pretty much uphill and he had promised himself he would never do it
again. What joy – surely it can’t be as bad as Larkstoke.

On leaving the lovely flat even tarmac road the course turned into what can only be described as the biggest pebbles ever known to man, aka ankle twisters. I have never been so relieved as I was to leave the giant pebbles behind, ankles still intact.

The next section consisted of a soft trail through the woods, which apart from the huge deep puddles, tree roots, overhanging branches and other runners trying not to get their feet wet was a definite improvement.

Several stream crossings later I got to the last mile back into the venue and guess what, another hill (argh ) but I decided to run ( crawl) all the way up and see if I could and finish on a high.

The event was very well organised and with cake, crisps and a whole keg of beer at the end for rehydration purposes. What’s not to like?  Oh and the medal is actually a bottle opener as well.

To be honest I loved it and can’t wait to do the next one.

Rob’s race.

I set off, settled into a good pace and was thoroughly enjoying the challenging course. For most of the race I was tracking the two lead runners and as I turned onto the road up the final hill and gained the lead, I realised it was now or never and time to give it everything I had left.

I knew the others were close as I could hear the marshal’s encouragement behind me . All I could think was don’t mess this up now, just run!!

I still can’t believe I won it. First ever podium. My prize ……an engraved beer glass- perfect..

Great to see Ryan from Kenilworth who was placed 2nd in the HM and whilst chatting to the young man who came 3rd in the 10k found out he came from Welford of all places.I think we
may have recruited him for the club !
Zak and Sam Lambert on their way to 1st and 2nd place finishes.
Niamh Hillard also on her way to victory in the Senior Girl’s race
Marijke Tear-Verweij on her way to a 57 second winning margin.
A veritable procession in the Junior Boys race with our  members occupying the 1st 4 places. Will Hovell  leads, Joel Ledgard is in 2nd place, Arthur Williamson in 3rd and Arran Cooper 4th
Warwickshire Schools Athletic Association Cross Country

Stratford School

November 4th

Report – David Jones.

It was a thoroughly wet and miserable morning for the Warwickshire Schools XC fixture Stratford School last Saturday.

While not representing their club and not wearing the yellow and black vests, it’s fair to say that our junior endurance runners dominated proceedings.

This was true from the starting. In the Inter Boys, brothers Zak and Sam Lambert dominated the race from start to finish, with older brother Zak winning the race in a time of 12.36, just 4 seconds ahead of Sam  in 2nd place. Will Mayes was edged out of 3rd place on the line, finishing in 4th place in 13.13 the same time as the 3rd placed runner. James Day was 5th (13.39), James Mayes 8th (14.17) and triathlete Josh Harrison 12th (14.26).

In the Senior Girls, Niamh Hillard was another of our runners who led from start to finish, winning the race in 12.16. This despite her partying until the early hours. Okay, maybe not the early hours. The ever improving Abbi Cooper was in 2nd place (13.05).

In the Minor Boys, Tom Yates was 4th with a time of 8.13, with Toby Wilkinson finishing in 12th place in 9.36 despite suffering with painful knees.

Noah Balchin triumphed in the Senior Boys with a time of 14.19 and in the Inter Girls race Oceana Lindgren was 1st with a time of 12.49, 13 seconds ahead of the 2nd placed runner. Bo Algate was 6th (14.01) and Martha Peters 8th (14.47)

Our all conquering Junior Boys swept the field in their race, occupying the 1st 4 places. The race was won by Will Hovell in 11.27, 4 seconds ahead of 2nd placed Joel Ledgard (11,31) with Arthur Wiilamson 3rd (11.44) and Arran Cooper 4th (11.48).

In the Minor Girls, Jasmine Mothershaw had a fabulous run, finishing in 4th place (8.54), with Isabella Marriott 6th (9.11) 

The day’s largest margin of victory was reserved for Marijke Tear Verjweij who’s winning time of 10.19 was a huge 57 seconds ahead of the 2nd placed runner. Lois Ford was 4th (11.30), Ava Sheppard 8th (11.45) and Amelia Peeke 13th (12.19).

Of the day’s 8 races SAC members won 6. Pretty impressive and  just reward for the hard work our junior endurance runners put in at training sessions.

The Club Awards

Once upon a time, a long time ago….

Images from days of yore!

2002 with youthful looking Paul’s Hawkins and Bearman, far left and far right respectively.
Current members John Turner and Malcolm Bowyer in 2001with Emma Elstone and Sheila Price. It’s worth noting that John Turner still holds the club’s M65 half marathon record with a time of 1:33 in 2009, just one of many club records he still holds.
More photos from last Saturday’s Warwickshire Schools AA fixture.

Apologies to Tom Fisher, Toby Wilkinson and Isabella Marriott for not having their photos.
James Day and Noah Balchin.
James Mayes and Josh Harrison.
Oceana Lindgren and Abbi Cooper.
Bo Algate and Martha Peters.
Jasmine Mothershaw and Lois Ford
Amelia Peeke and Ava Sheppard
Junior endurance runners going through their paces on the Welcombe Hills last Sunday on a glorious day, which it certainly wasn’t  24 hours earlier.