The votes are in and the winners are………

Our athletes who have been selected for the English Schools Athletic Association (ESAA) Championships, alongside their coaches. The Championships are to be held at the Alexandra Stadium on 12 and 13 July. It is the 4th biggest athletic competiton in the world.

Left to right:
back row: Sam Sambert, Paul Bearman and Olisa Odiamma McKenzie
Front row: Carolyne Johnston, Alex Wood, Ruby Edwards, Megan Thomas, Seb Hillard and Paul Hawkins.
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Louie Newton who is missing from the ESAA athletes shown above.
Shown above are some of our vets T&F team together with volunteer officials at the Worcester track on Wednesday night for their latest league fixture.

The weather was far from promising as team members and volunteers encountered heavy rain while making the journey to Worcester but the weather conditions proved to be perfect for the actual fixture.

Team Manager Hannah Osbourne spent much of the evening cajoling and arm twisting team members to compete in events that they were perhaps somewhat unfamiliar with and against other competitors considerably younger than themselves. This she accomplished with her usual aplomb.

The night started with an impressive 3rd place finish in the 100m  for Phil Brennan and finished with an equally impressive 2nd place finish for our ladies medley relay team ( 200m, 200m, 400m, 800m)

Sandwiched in-between was a plethora of wonderful performances, all carried out with trademark smiles on faces. It should go without saying that the camaraderie was off the scale.
With the last few newsletter’s having pretty much been dominated by our seniors, this week the juniors’ take centre stage.

As you would expect when reporting on our wonderful juniors there have been lots of winners,  I’m tempted to say a veritable landslide

Paul Bearman has been tied to his keyboard typing out 4 reports.

We have news of our athletes who have been selected for the English Schools (ESAA) Championships to be held at the Alexandra Stadium on 12 and 13 July, alongside a small army of volunteers, parents and coaches who will be helping out over the weekend. This is the 4th biggest athletics championship in the world.

This is followed by a report and some fabulous photos of the Heart of England  Division 1 league match at Banbury, with over 60 of our juniors competing. We finished in second place behind a very strong BRAT (Birmingham Running, Athletics & Triathlon) team.

Then it’s the UK Youth Development League fixture. In the UKYDL SUAAC juniors have strong links with Rugby & Northampton AC and support them in the UKYDL Upper age groups for U17s and U120 athletes. In this fixture we joined them in winning the final league match and thus confirming the team’s place in the National finals on 1st September.

Finally from a juniors perspective ( plus a couple of seniors!) it was the latest 
RingGo Summer Special Open where we had several juniors and a couple of seniors in action producing a glut of Personal Bests.
From the seniors we have Paul Faithfull’s report on his superb performance at the European Middle Distance Championships 2024 in Portugal, this despite his various trials and tribulations and Sarah Odell has sent her report on the wonderfully named Summer Bimble Bumble race near Bromsgrove.

Finally there is notice of an award picked up by our visually impaired runner James Morrison.

Good luck if you’re competing in the Northbrook 10k or bussing and bargeing this weekend. Good luck to any of you competing anywhere.

Take care

David Jones

The English Schools (ESAA) Championships

Report – Paul Bearman

The English Schools (ESAA) championships are going to be held at the Alexandra Stadium on 12 and 13 July and 7 Stratford junior athletes have been selected for their respective county squads.

ESAA Athletes 



Alex Wood 

Junior 300m

Olisa Odiamma McKenzie

Junior High Jump

Sam Lambert

Inter 800m





Megan Thomas 

Senior 200m

Seb Hillard

Inter 100m Hurdles

Louie Newton

Inter Javelin





Ruby Edwards

Inter Triple Jump



It’s a tough selection process and so naturally as coaches we are exceptionally pleased that our athletes have met or are just on the cusp of meeting the ESAA standards.

Good luck to all of them

As in previous years Carolyne Johnston has been asked for the club to provide volunteers to help with Call Room duties, taking athletes to their pens where they are gathered before their races and leading athletes to their track events.

The volunteers help to make the day work like clockwork and with over 1700 athletes competing to a very strict timetable it needs to work like clockwork

As well as the 24 young athletes they’re going to be supported by 6 Coach/Parent helpers and so over the weekend SUAAC will be very well represented and can witness the behind the scenes activities at the 4thbiggest athletics competition in the world.


ESAA Volunteers

Holly Clifford

Portia Nabney

Eve Cunningham

Morgan Nabney

Martha Edwards

Amelia Peeke

Lila  Gallinagh

Annabel Stacey

Will Hovell

George Stacey Harper

Toby Ledgard

Henry Stacey Harper

Callum Linforth

Ava Sheppard

Arthur Mansbridge

Billy Sheppard

Alice McIntosh

Emily White

Sam McKenzie

Megan White

Carter McKenzie

Toby Wilkinson

Jasmine Mothershaw

Niamh Williams



Coach/Parent Helpers

Eleanor Nabney

Becks Ledgard

Adam Mansbridge

Sam Clifford

Dave White

Sue Mothershaw

Shown below are our relay
teams at the Heart of England League Division 1 league match at Banbury.

Many thanks to Lucy Edwards for the wonderful photos
Dexter Sharpe, Casper Willis, Elsie Pipatone and Matilda Hutchins.
Billy Sheppard, George Stacey-Harper, Robin Gallagher and Toby Wilkinson.
Martha Edwards, Lucia Ogilvie-Putt, Maggie Silvers and Lila Gallinagh.
Olisa Oldiamma McKenzie, Joel Ledgard, Arthur Mansbridge and Alex Wood.
Holly Clifford, Niamh Williams, Scarlett Dawson and Martha silvers.
Toby Thomas, Sam McKenzie, Matteo Martinengo and Tom Stanton.
Megan Thomas, Ella Peake, Ella Smith and Ruby Edwards.
Ava Sheppard on her way to a first place finish and PB

Heart of England League Division 1

Report – Paul Bearman

After the disappointment of the first match being cancelled due to travellers occupying the Solihull track car park at their leisure centre, over 60 Stratford AC junior athletes made the short trip to Banbury in the first Heart of England Division 1 league match.


The 8-club top division is very competitive and a superb, combined effort right throughout the 4 age groups saw the team finish second behind a very strong BRAT (Birmingham Running, Athletics & Triathlon) team.


This is a tough division against 7 other big and very well organised clubs Banbury, BRAT, Saffron (Leicester) AC, Rugby & Northampton, Solihull & Small.Heath, Kettering and Wreake & Soar Valley, but we picked up good points across the 3 age groups. It also showcased the terrific spirit we have in the club with some athletes competing in unfamiliar events and finding new skills with every point counting.


We are also very grateful for our Officials, Graham Thompson, Sandy Greem, Sue Mothershaw, Emma Sparow, Eleanor Nabney and the parents who helped in the field, for also doing their bit to add points to the team score.


In a good all-round performance, the Under 13 team contained a mix of a few year two athletes with many more inexperienced athletes who had just moved up from the U11s and they really did battle hard for every point against stiff competition.


The boys team ; Billy Sheppard, Carter McKenzie, Connor Stratford, George Stacey-Harper, Henry Stacey-Harper, Robin Gallagher, Toby Wilkinson and Tom Moore finished 4th.


The girls team ; Maggie Silvers, Isabella Marriott, Lucia Ogilvie-Putt, Jasmine Mothershaw, Lila Gallinagh, Lyla Turner, Amelie Marshall and Martha Edwards finished 3rd.


The U15 teams have a good blend of talent right across the events with all of them making a positive impact in all their events


The girls team ;  Amelia Peeke, Annabel Stacey, Ava Sheppard, Eve Cunningham, Georgia Sharpe, Holly Clifford, Martha Silvers, Niamh Williams and Scarlett Dawson finished second in their age group marginally behind Solihull.


Niamh and Scarlett were double winners in their 100m races and Ava Sheppard is nibbling away at her PB in the 75m hurdles winning in a time of 12.7s.


The boys team; Alex Wood, Arthur Mansbridge, Kipp Stevens, Arthur Williamson, Morgan Nabney, Ben Harrison,  Joel Ledgard,  Olisa Odiamma McKenzie, Sam Plumb and Will Hovell surprisingly were 2ndbehind BRAT after winning 8 out of the 12 track races.


Arguably the individual performance across all the age groups and probably the race of the day came when Alex Wood scorched around the 300m neck and neck with Laike Favier from R&N AC and both finished in a time of 36.7s with Alex getting the nod on the line. This time takes both of them up to 2nd in the national rankings. 


The U17/20 age groups are always very competitive in this league and this match was no exception.


Like the U13s, most of the boys team of James Day, Josh Davis, Luca De Freitas Pires, Matteo Martinengo, Sam Lambert, Sam McKenzie, Seb Hillard, Toby Thomas, Tom Stanton and Zac Lambert have moved up from the U15s and have combined to be a very strong squad and tied with BRAT for first place.


The girls team; Abbi Cooper, Annie Silvers Niamh Hillard, Megan Thomas, Ella Smith, Ella Peeke, Martha Peters Ruby Edwards, Tiily Cambell and Brooke Rossney finished 2nd behind BRAT with a combination of U17 and U20 athletes


In addition to the main league an U11 development team of Indigo Ogilvie-Putt, Elsie Pipitone, Dexter Sharpe, Noah Smith, Casper Willis, Jacob Thomas, Poppy West and Matilda Hutchings took part in their own non scoring 75m 600m Long Jump and Howler events in their first league match.


Full results are on


On reflection the team managers on the day Paivi, McMillan, Carolyne Johnston, Mike Sheppard and myself, felt satisfied with the overall result against some really good competition and as Mike said afterwards “obviously we like to win and will always continue to try and be the best we can be, but getting things in perspective it’s crazy really that a relatively small town club like Stratford has been mixing it with, and often beating, bigger town/city clubs with far larger catchment areas for the last few years and we‘re still managing to do it as this result shows”.



Joel Ledgard (top) long lumping and Joel is also going over the hurdle with Will Hovell, having already gone over, on the right.
Will Hovell
Joel Ledgard



Report – Paul Bearman

SUAAC juniors have strong links with Rugby & Northampton AC and support them in the UKYDL Upper age group for U17s and U120 athletes.


On Sunday another group of Stratford juniors joined them in winning the final league match and that confirmed the teams place in the National finals on 1st September.

John Gercs the R&N team manger commented afterwards that it was “another outstanding UKYDL Upper match at Rugby and a big win for R & N, meaning we’re going to the national finals again in Manchester”. He added “as usual we are indebted to Stratford athletes for their support”.

SUAAC Performances


1500m U17 

Martha PETERS 05:34.65

Brooke ROSSNEY 5.36.72


300m Hurdles U17

Annie SILVERS  49.30


Triple Jump U17 



800m U20 

Annie SILVERS (U17) 02:20.02

Niamh HILLARD 02:22.64


4 x 400m U20 M&W 

Seb HILLARD (U17), Niamh HILLARD, Annie SILVERS (U17)


800m U17 

Sam LAMBERT 02:00.07


1500m U17

Zak LAMBERT 04:16.41


100m Hurdles U17

Seb HILLARD  14.53


Long jumpers Lila Gallinagh, Martha Edwards, Maggie Silvers and Martha Silvers
Brothers in arms – Sam and Carter McKenzie

The RingGo Summer Special Open

Report – Paul Bearman

Competitions come thick and fast this time of year and the latest at Nuneaton the RingGo Summer Special Open had several juniors and a couple of seniors in action producing a glut of Personal Bests.


300m Hurdles 




Under 17








Triple Jump




Under 20




Under 15












Under 15

Samuel PLUMB











Under 13




Under 13




Under 13




Under 17








High Jump






Under 15

William HOVELL



Under 13




Under 13










75m Hurdles 






Under 15














Under 15

William HOVELL



Under 13














Under 13




Under 13




Under 15

William HOVELL



Under 17
















Under 13








Under 17














Long Jump




Under 13




Under 13




Under 13






Under 15














Under 13
































Paul Faithfull

Report – Paul Faithfull  

A less than ideal run up to the event (illness, a lads weekend in Le Mans) left me feeling less than optimistic and when I arrived in Portugal I discovered a wheel on my hard bike case had been smashed in the case, leading to my rear derailleur being snapped.  This on the Thursday evening giving me exactly 24 hours to find a solution…  

The GB mechanic (star) tried the Portuguese importer but to no avail. 

Fancy bikes with fancy parts mean they are difficult to come by.  A last ditch plea on the Facebook page for the GB team went out but I had given up hope and expected a wasted weekend but the kindness of others can be overwhelming and after being offered a £13k bike to do the race by a team member who had had to pull out, we realised his bike had the same part and a quick swap was effected. 

I would get to go to the ball after all!

Organisation was a little chaotic in Coimbra, a pretty town inland in Portugal, with a large, relatively green river flowing through it.  We ‘self seeded’ i.e. jump in when you like and I dispatched the 1900m swim in an ok time, having been mindful not to swallow too much water after the Ecoli issues from the last European Champs!

Out on the bike and we have 4 laps of a relatively flat, fast course. The first was as much a reccy as my challenges of the previous day had meant no opportunity to check the course but with 4 laps there was always a rider I could see ahead.  Feeling like I had to do the loaned derailleur proud and feeling good in the legs I overtook 40 or so competitors and knocked 4 minutes off my lifetime PB for a 90k bike leg. 

At this point it was getting hot but I started to think that my target of a top 5 finish and a sub 4h30min race time could be well on the cards.

The run again was flat, with some shade through woods although no one expected a trail run in a Championship race! 

The first lap I dispatched on target to beat an 1h30m for the half marathon but the heat was getting worse (27 degC) and I constantly carried water, mostly to shower in to try to keep my body temperature down.  Unfortunately I had drunk too much water (or in too large gulps!) and started to get a stitch and with a heart rate over 160 (mine never goes that high) I was in management and then limp mode and finally I had to walk (first time in an event).  

An encouraging shout (at least I think they were encouraging!) from another GB competitor got me jogging again and with a burp released, I started to pick the pace back up, eventually finishing in 1h34m and running at the same pace I started, taking a number of people in the last 2 kms.  

Overall time was a PB, 4:31:40, tantalisingly close to my target.  Given the run up and where my head was at come the start of the race, I was pleased. 

Overall I finished 9th in Age Group, 4th for GB and 5 mins was all that separated me and the top 5 position I was hoping for.  Also encouragingly all the guys in front of me were newer entrants to the age group (youngsters pah!).  So hopefully I’ve got the bad luck out of the way with Australia and the Worlds calling in August. 

Lesson learnt, always remove your derailleur from the frame when shipping (there were a lot of bikes damaged in transit). 

Second lesson, factor 50 doesn’t always cut it, apparently P20 is the way forwards.  Please pass the after sun…..

Sarah Odell

The Summer Bimble Bumble

Report – Sarah Odell

After completing the Winter Bumble Bimble, I decided to enter the summer one.  The summer events has 2 distances to choose from either 5 or 11 miles, so I decided on the 11 mile route.  

When I did the winter run it was knee deep in muddy puddles.  This time the ground was rock hard and very overgrown.

It starts and finishes from the Park Gate Inn, just outside Bromsgrove.
You start in a field next to the pub, within first mile you have already gone through about 6 gates and over a stile, this continues throughout the race.  

The race is predominately off road, you go through fields of cows, sheep, horses and alpacas and through Nuttells & Chaddersley Wood, nature reserves up & down steps, over bridges, through knee high grass, along narrow paths littered with rocks and tree roots, with stunning views over the Worcestershire countryside. 

A great organised no frills event, just how races should be.  
James Morrison collects his Award

James Morrison – Front row, 2nd left at Shire Hall Warwick with other Warwickshire Food Awards Winners. James got his award for his story of weight loss and his achievements as a visually impaired athlete and also his contribution towards helping a school in Zambia by running London Marathon 2024 and for teaching others how to cook sustainable and cheap meals. 

James commented upon collecting this award ” Getting this award means a lot to me as I’m the only athlete to have had this recognition of achievement from WCC. I didn’t just pick up this award for myself but for all those who have helped and encouraged me along the way, because without the club members and my guides this would not be possible and hopefully I can help change other people’s lives  for the better and save them going down the same road that I did when I was over 18 stone”.

Congratulations James.