Club Shakespeare Race League

Shakespeare Competition

The aim of the Shakespeare Competition is to provide friendly rivalry throughout the year by way of a series of ten competitive races, usually held on the first Wednesday of every month. They vary – road and off road, track & time trials. Each race gives you a score, and there are prizes at the end of the year in all age groups in five year gaps.

Club members can volunteer to organise the races themselves, and get extra points. Race information is sent out via e mail (date, venue, start time, route description and/or map if possible and parking arrangements if necessary).

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Grand Prix Competition

The competition consists of a series of events selected by the Grand Prix Secretary at the beginning of the year. These will cover a range of distances and terrains from 5K to full Marathons that take place throughout the year.

Members may compete in as many races as they wish, with their best 8 races counting in the competition. Points are awarded according to where club members finish relative to each other. Club colours must be worn to all events to qualify for points.

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