Road Running Leagues and Races

Warwickshire Road Race League

The league is organised by the Warwickshire County Athletic Association (WCAA). It consists of a number of road races over a range of distances throughout the year and our own Summer 6 is one of the races included in this series.

The best of 6 count towards the team prizes, whilst the best of 5 count towards the individual prizes.

There are approx 12 Warwickshire clubs who compete in this league and we have had a small amount of success in the past. With a little extra participation we could get amongst the prizes and as a club we hope to give this a greater profile this year. To encourage members to participate we have included some of these races into our Grand Prix competition.

Midland / National Road Relay

This annual event, held in Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield, each March comprises a 12 stage men’s race and a 6 stage women’s race.

The men’s race has 4 long stages and 8 short stages. The top teams qualify for the national race that is held in April and has 6 long stages and 6 short stages.

The women’s race has 6 equal distance stages, as does the national race.