Spond App

Why Use the Spond App?

Spond will work via email, the web or an App. So why do we recommend the app?

Speed of Communication: The main benefit of the app to you the end user is how quickly we can communicate.  If you use WhatsApp you probably love the flexibility it provides of being able to message people instantly and that they get notifications of your communication, so planning can be agile.  Spond does exactly the same, but is best summarised as WhatsApp with a calendar, so you can see upcoming sessions, you can quickly see what the session is, where it is and when it is, can message the hosts or other members who are attending and you can register your intent to attend. 

Coaches can advise what you will need to bring to the session, any changes e.g. cancellations due to weather and importantly can also see who is attending.

We will be asking members to register for all sessions going forwards, so that we can meet our commitments as a club to Health, Safety and Welfare.  To do this we need to know who is partaking in activities on any given event.

Access to Your Information: Through the app you can see and edit all of the information we hold on you.  This is not available through the web interface currently.

An example screen shot of the app is shown below:

What Alternatives Are There?

Well you can also use the web.  Goto https://www.spond.com/login/

Login to the Spond App.  !NOTE : As a member you have access to Spond App, NOT Spond Club.

You will then be able to see a very similar set of information to the App, but communications will only come to you via email.


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