The Triathlon/Multi-Sport section – regardless of what your level of experience is in the sport we are here to help and support you on your journey.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of training in different disciplines, would like to compete in races or just meet like-minded people then this club is for you.

We pride ourselves on having a sense of humour and our members enjoy plenty of fun and training together, but alongside that comes a huge breadth of knowledge and experience you can learn from.

So whether you are a complete beginner, a junior, an intermediate or even an elite athlete, we have plenty of members who have been in the same boat as you are right now. Our members compete at every distance from super sprint to Ironman and everything in between.

What all these members have benefitted from has been an improvement in their personal abilities, a fun and safe environment to learn new skills, sharing learning from members and meet new friends with which to share these experiences too.

Our training week

Monday – track sessions

Every week there are coached evening track sessions at Stratford High School with either an 1830 start for a mixed group or 1845 start for faster runners. We also have regular hill training sessions, all designed to make you a stronger and faster runner.

Wednesday – club night

Wednesday is our main club night. We meet at 1845 for 1900, starting from the Sports Club. These are social runs, with different self-organised groups according to preferred pace and distance. Often people will stay on after the run for drinks and food (food must be pre-ordered before you head off). Runners vary from 12 min milers to 5 min milers and everything in between, we can easily fit you into the right group so you can have a really enjoyable run of a distance you are comfortable with. Many members stay after their run for some food and/or a drink in the sports club bar afterwards – we are a friendly and supportive bunch. 

We also run a chaperone group – one of the more experienced members goes out with any prospective new members, those who have just joined, and anyone else who would like to come. The objective here is to make sure that new members get looked after, run at the right speed and distance for their ability and to get to know others of their ability before moving on into other groups.

If you’d like to try us out before joining, you’re welcome to come along for a couple of different sessions. Please contact us to arrange this so we know to look out for you!

Saturday – swim sessions 

On Saturday there is a coached swim session at Shipston Swimming Pool – from 0645 am. It’s a fantastic pre-breakfast workout and often there is a post-swim run. Alternatively there is also a Saturday morning trail group.  


The club currently doesn’t have a formal cycle training program, as weekends tend to be very individual in their requirements, but there are ad hoc group cycle rides from the sports club and long runs, usually organised and notified through social media. Many members looking to participate in organised group rides do so as members of Stratford Cycling Club. 


In the Junior Section of the Club we provide training to children between the ages of 8 and 16, and pride ourselves on the enjoyment that the children have in being part of the Section. Our emphasis as a Club is on inclusion; therefore we welcome a range of abilities, however you do need to be able to swim 100m front crawl without stopping. Any child is welcome to come along and have a go at one of our swim training sessions.

Swim training operates for juniors alongside the seniors on Saturday mornings at 0645 am in Shipston Swimming Pool.

Run training is handled through the athletics club junior activities . Find out more here.