Welcome Junior Member

As Junior Membership Secretary of Stratford upon Avon Athletics Club I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the club.

Thank you for choosing to join our club, we hope you will be very happy with your membership. An information guide to the Athletic Club, detailing all the information you need to know is available on our website, as well as the Club’s Constitution and policies.  The club prides itself on being extremely friendly and welcomes everyone from beginners to the more experienced athlete at any of the sessions available.  The club is run by volunteers and the club is England Athletics accredited, and meets their standards to ensure that consistent good practice and minimum operating standards are delivered throughout all of the club’s activities. SUAAC is also a British Triathlon Federation (BTF) registered club.

Please ensure you have familiarised yourself and your child with the  Track Rules and Code of Conduct January 2022.  This is very important and a pre-requisite for joining training sessions.


The club operates from two bases; Track & Field at the track at Stratford School (site map : Site Map Feb 2022) and the Sports Club in Swans Nest Lane for Road Running/club races.  Activities are put on Spond and we ask that you use this system to register for training that you are attending. This will provide additional information and ensure you are aware if events are changed or cancelled.  We recommend using the Spond App as information is more instantaneous, and it is easy to make contact with coaches. However you can also work with Spond via Email.  More information on Spond is available HERE.

An overview of weekly activities is illustrated below (Senior activities are shown in Grey):

Activity Endurance Track & Field General Multi-Event Training Endurance
Age Group Seniors Vets under 11’s Under 13’s Under 15’s Under 17/20s All ages by invitation
Time 18:30 to 20:15 17:50 to 18:30 18:15 to 19:30 19:15 to 20:30 19:00 to 20:20 18:00 to 20:00
Venue Stratford School Track Stratford School Track

6:30 Sarah Boundy

6:45 Sarah Bland

Elaine Ledden Carolyne Johnston Paivi McMillan Mike Sheppard Paul Bearman Paul Hawkins
Activity Endurance Races & Social Runs Couch 2 5 k Track & Field Endurance Swim Coaaching
Age Group Seniors Juniors by Invitation Vets Under 11’s plus By Invitation All ages
Time 19:00 17:30 to 19:30 19:00 to 20:00 17:30 to 18:50 19:00 to 20:15 6:45 to 7:50 am!
Venue Sports Club, Swans Nest Lane Stratford School Track Shipston Leisure Centre
Leader Various Paul Bearman Elaine Ledden Paul Hawkins Simon Taylor


Please ensure your child comes suitably dressed every week eg, shorts, tracksuit, t-shirt and warm layers even if it is fine when you leave home. The weather can change very quickly and we have no shelter at all! Please make sure they have a bag containing a waterproof, a jacket/hoody and a bottle of water.

Please can you make sure your child has been to the toilet before they come to the track as we do not have enough coaches to accompany them unless it is an emergency. We cannot allow them to leave the group to go alone.

Please do not just drop your child off but walk them past the Astro pitches to the meeting point by the green gates near the club pavilion. You should ensure there is an adult coach there to register them before you leave. 

The coaches will dismiss all children at 6.30pm from the same area by the green gates. Please be there for a prompt pick up as some of our coaches have other sessions after this that they are responsible for.

Injuries and Fitness

We understand that on occasion athletes may be recovering from injuries which mean you are unable to participate fully in certain parts of the session. Where this is the case, it is important that any injuries are bought to the attention of the coaching team at the start of the session so we can modify the activities and/or your level of participation accordingly.  However, please remember that athletics is a physically demanding sport. If your child is unwell or has an injury which means they are unable to participate properly in running, jumping and throwing activities, please do not come to training. It is more important that they rest for a week to two and come back when ready.  

Parents are reminded that it is their responsibility, not that of the coaches, to determine whether their child is fit enough to participate, and to keep them at home if this is not the case. 

Club Clothing

Club clothing including vests and T-shirts are available HERE. We encourage athletes to wear the kit at training sessions. Club vests must be worn at all road, cross country and track and field competitions and Hi-Viz vests must be worn when running on the road in the dark or bad light conditions.


The club’s website is full of news and information about the club and a weekly Newsletter is published by email. Details of club activities are also communicated via Spond and Facebook.

Stratford upon Avon AC 100 Club

The Stratford upon Avon AC 100 Club raises funds designated specifically for the refurbishment of the Jubilee Track at Stratford School and the purchase of Track & Field equipment for the benefit of Stratford upon Avon AC. The SuAAC 100 Club is run as a private society lottery with people in the club or people directly associated with the club via members e.g. friends and family guests. There is a monthly draw and it is £4 per share per month by Standing Order/regular online payment and the winnings are:- 1st prize £100 2nd prize £50 3rd prize £25.

If you would like more information please contact Helen Roach : 100club@suaac.co.uk.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions please contact me : juniormembership@suaac.co.uk.

Kind regards,

Carolyne Johnston

SuAAC Junior Membership Secretary