Welcome Senior Member



As Membership Secretary of Stratford upon Avon Athletic Club I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the club.

Thank you for choosing to join our club, we hope you will be very happy with your membership. An information guide to the Athletic Club, detailing all the information you need to know is available on our website, as well as the Club’s Constitution and policies.  The club prides itself on being extremely friendly and welcomes everyone from beginners to the more experienced athlete at any of the sessions available. 


  • Track sessions at Stratford School on Monday evenings (6:30 and 6:45pm depending on pace)
  • Club social runs from the Sports Club on Wednesday evenings from 6.45pm. Please Note: We ask all runners to wear high visibility running vests when running in the dark.
  • Track & Field training is on Monday and Thursday evenings at Stratford School
  • Saturday morning trails sessions are also offered – location confirmed weekly.

If your attending a session for the first time please do get in touch and we will ensure your with a group that is the right pace for you.


The club memberhip is now all handled using Spond including communications.  You will have been sent an email to join Spond and based on your selections when joining you will be added to Groups in Spond.  More information on Spond can be found HERE

You will receive a weekly club newsletter which gives a summary of what members have been up to, race reports and other news.  If you would like to include your own race report please write a brief report, ideally with photo(s) if you have any of your exploits and send them to David Jones. It’s always great for members to see what others are doing!


There are a two Facebook Groups where members and the club communicate:

Athletics :  ‘Stratford AC members group’ 

Triathlon : ‘Stratford upon Avon Triathlon Club’ 

Please request to join the members only private group.


You will also be able to participate in the Club’s Shakespeare races which run January – October, and other races and events during the year.  Further specific communications will be sent to you about these running up to the events through Spond.


  • Swim training for triathletes is hosted
    • Saturday morning at Shipston Leisure Centre at 6.45am. (costs included within your membership)
    • Thursday evening at Shipston Leisure Centre at 7:30pm (cost per session is £3.29, please book using Spond).

There is also a separate Stratford upon Avon Triathlon Facebook group that you can join which gives more specific information about each session. We recommend joining Stratford upon Avon Cycling Club for bike rides.

England Athletics

As a member of the club you are enrolled into England Athletics (EA).  You should receive confirmation of this enrollment directly from EA along with your EA number. Please contact me if you have not had this in the next couple of weeks.   EA request we confirm all new members are aware and agree to the EA being passed their information (for more information visit: EA privacy statement).  As we register you as a Competitive Athlete, you should also be aware and agree to be bound by  the UKA Anti-Doping Rules and agreed to sign up to the Senior Athletes Code of Conduct. If you are already with EA and wish to change your First Club to SUaaC, you will need to contact EA directly to do this. More information can be found HERE.

Stratford Sports Club

The Sports Club in Stratford-upon-Avon (located at the end of Swans Nest Rd near the Butterfly Farm in Stratford) is a separate organisation to the Athletics Club.  Your athletic club membership includes social access to the Sports Club.   

In addition you can request a tag for use of the Sports Club parking facilities along with a fob for entry to the Sports Club and a discount at the bar.  This additional facility is expensive for the Athletic Club to provide and hence we kindly ask that members only request a fob and parking tag if you will be using these for Athletics Club related activities on a regular basis. There is no additional cost to you as a member.   You can access the Sports Club without the fob and parking tag as a member. To apply for a tag and fob please send an email to the membership secretary in the first instance. If you are already a member of another discipline at the Sports Club, please note there is no discount available for athletics. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE SPORTS CLUB DIRECTLY FOR THIS FACILITY.

Training Tops & Club Shop

You are entitled to a free training top.  Please contact Sarah Bland indicating which size shirt and if you would like long or short sleeved.  These are only available for collection at the Track at Stratford School on a Monday evening.

Other apparel can be purchased from the website here : Club Shop, including club vests for racing and high-viz which is a requirement when running in the dark.

SAC 100 Club

The SAC 100 Club is a club organised lottery, funds from which are used to support the refurbishment of the Jubilee Track at Stratford School and the purchase of Track & Field equipment, to the benefit of all members.  More information can be found here : SAC 100 Club in case you are interested in signing up for the monthly prize draw.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting me.  I look forwards to seeing you at club events.

Yours sincerely

Paul Faithfull

Senior Membership Secretary