Spond Introduction

Installing Spond – Existing Members

On the 15th December your details will be uploaded from our existing database into Spond, which will then act as our membership database going forwards.  When we do this you will receive an email from Spond (please allow a couple of days as there are alot of members to process! and check your junk email folders too).  The email will be from  noreply@spond.com, and will look like this:

The group you are invited to join will depend on whether you are an existing member or trialling the club, and whether you are a Junior or Senior member.

Simply click on the Light Blue text box and you should be directed to a web page as below:

Click on Join and you will now be part of the main relevant group on Spond.  This will be confirmed by Spond as below:

DECISION POINT: You can use Spond without using the Spond App, and communications with the Group will appear on your email.  This is also true of invites to events.  Events cover everything from the weekly training sessions to races, athletic meets etc.

OR you can download the Spond app.

Our recommendation is to use the Spond app.  Why? CLICK HERE

What Next?

Great so your now on Spond. If your not, and you have had issues, please email seniormembers@stratfordac.co.uk and we will help you to get things working.

So initially you will be on one Group which is a members group related to either Seniors or Juniors (unless you are not yet a member).  There are a number of groups, the initial structure of Spond Groups is available HERE.  Other Groups exist for communications which are specific to the members of those Groups. 

The club will add you to Groups relevant to the acitvities you specified an interest in when you joined the club.  All club related communications will go to the main group for Seniors (SuAAC Senior Members) or Juniors (SuAAC Junior Members).  If you have the App you will see this group by clicking on the Groups button at the bottom of the App.  Adding you to the other groups is a manual process so please bear with us.  If you want know which groups you will be joined to please check the information we hold on you. To find out more click HERE.  Please note that changing your settings of interests will NOT automatically cause you to be added to a Group.

What we would like you to do is to verify the information we hold on you is correct, and to update it where relevant.  It is particularly important to have the correct emergency contact information.

Once we have members in Groups, we will start to use Spond for club communications, gradually phasing out current other communications methods to ensure everything is centralised, GDPR and safeguarding compliant.  Its going to be a learning experience for everyone so please bear with us, but feedback any issues or concerns to seniormembers@stratfordac.co.uk and I will do what I can to assist.  As a gentle reminder we are all volunteers who run the club, so we have to manage this around our work and family lives, but Spond should free up more time for the Executive to focus on improving the club.